Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Samhain Shrine

Far too late into the season, we finally got our seasonal shrine decorated for Samhain/Halloween. Our actual altar (laid out in ADF Druid style with the Well-Fire-Tree configuration) doesn't really vary and is on a smallish surface that doesn't allow for much seasonal decoration.  The shrine, on the other hand, provides a surface to put things during ritual, as well as room enough to explode the room with some seasonal lushness.

This year, it's got a bit of a witchy feel to it, and a good bit of whimsy - because as much as  I love the serious intent of Samhain, I am and always have been a big fan of a good secular Halloween.  As a kid, Christmas only trumped it as my favorite holiday because there were presents - otherwise, Halloween was by far more fun and interesting!

The tree always operates as our seasonal centerpiece - here covered in autumn leaves and flowers, and decorated with a few lacy plush pumpkins, witchy shoes and hats.  There is also a couple Day of the Dead skulls (one homemade by me, another a gift from my daughter Jackie), and an owl ornament.

I am badly in need of some ravens, I think.

The vase contains more autumn color - sunflowers and wheat, as well as some light-up twigs and peacock feathers from our wedding, and to either side are some tin witch hats that can hold votive candles inside, and a couple dollar store skulls resting in more fall foliage.

Resting on a clay leaf is a wand made by Eliora of Enchanting Elegance, and beneath the tree is my crystal ball.

This corner of the room makes me happy with it's bright color and magical goodies.

Speaking of Samhain magic - Samhain's Sirens has a sweet entry today, discussing familiars and animal loved ones, along with a whimsical cat plaque for the season as today's giveaway.  Go take a look!

~ Lynda

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