Friday, October 11, 2013

A Weekly Tarot Spread

I pulled out one of my decks at random to do a weekly spread I've been working with for awhile.   The deck I chose is called simply "Tarot" - it's one of the Running Press Mini Kits that you can often find on the display racks near the checkout at book stores.  It is a shame they never gave it a more specific name, and it bugs me to no end that the artist gets no credit - it's actually a sweet little deck that packs a lot of symbol into some simple images.  The bright colors on a black background have a folk art appeal I like a lot.  It comes in a sturdy little box, complete with a small but attractive booklet and makes for a good portable deck, since the cards are only about 2.5"x 3.5".

So here's the spread (and my reading for the week)

Weekly Challenge Spread

1.  Main Challenge of the week.
2. Lesson that this challenge calls me to learn.
3. Best approach to learning  this lesson.
4. Outcome of integrating this approach into my week.

So the first thing to look at is that there are no Major Arcana cards here, nor any Pentacles - this has to do with daily level living, and is mainly in the realm of attitudes and thoughts rather than outward things.

1.  Main Challenge of this next week.
VIII Wands
Here, we see the 8 of Wands portrayed as a wheel - wands (energy and will) make up the spokes and the axle at the center is a clock or stopwatch.  This has to do with getting things done - a desire to get rolling on projects.  This card tends to be about speed and fast momentum toward one's target.  Often, this card will be 8 wands flying through the air like spears, but I rather like the idea of them as parts of a wheel - a vehicle for forward motion.  That the stopwatch is what holds them together also works well for me - having deadlines is a good motivator for getting things done.   I think many of us do better when there is a little tension.  A deadline keeps us from simply spinning our wheels and procrastinating.

So - the main challenge of this next week is setting and meeting my deadlines, and avoiding procrastination!

2. Lesson that this challenge calls me to learn.
VII Cups
The figure on this card is the opposite of grounded - she's balanced on a tied around a pair of stacks of cups.  The cups aren't stabilized at all, and the whole thing looks very fragile.  The figure carries an additional cup in one hand and hides behind a mask on a stick (wand) - energy is being put into portraying herself unrealistically, and her precarious walk not only isn't going anywhere real, but it's likely to shortly fall down.  These cups are emotional in nature... hopes, and fears and dreams and moods.  The sense here is one of performing according to how one 'feels' like doing, shifting one's balance with every shift of emotion, rather than steady progression toward any real purpose.

The lesson, in terms of setting and meeting deadlines and especially avoiding procrastination is to not be distracted by whim and feelings, and to ground myself in a more solid and disciplined path.  Stop 'playing around' and focus.

3. Best approach to learning  this lesson.
X Swords
Here we have a figure seated on the ground, with ten swords (hilts like spades) stabbed into his back. This is one of those cards no one likes - being stabbed in the back hurts!  But because it is the 'best approach' to the learning the lesson of better grounding and discipline, it first calls to mind for me how often procrastination leads to betrayal of self and others, and how many great plans are 'murdered' because of slipped opportunity.  In addition, looking at it from a basic elemental level, we see that swords are mental energy and 10s are he end of that element's influence, so we can also see that it advices that it is time to stop thinking about things and just do them, already.

And so, the best approach to learning the lesson of grounding and discipline as a way to meet the challenge of avoiding procrastination is to use one's honoring of commitments to self and others to take action rather than merely 'thinking about' getting things done.

4. Outcome of integrating this approach into my week.
Ace of Swords
This Ace, also with a spade hilt, has to do with mental potential - fresh ideas and attitudes, new understandings.  The Ace is wrapped in living greenery because it is the seed of mental growth.  It is a gift that comes from keeping to right thoughts, and opens the way for new challenges and rewards to come.

The takeaway here is that by clearing away poor attitudes and habits, remembering the integrity of keeping commitments as a way to develop a good grounding in disciplined action, in order to keep deadlines and avoid procrastination, one can clear away old tasks and open the way to new mental challenges and lessons. 

The outcome is a clear vision for the future.


Before I go, I'm going to point you over to Samhain's Sirens once again - today's entry includes a neat craft project to help us honor our Ancestors, as well as a giveaway of some lovely flourite earrings. Te giveaway is open throughout the weekend, until Monday morning. Go check it out!

~ Lynda


  1. That deck has a has been published in several sizes. I have it as a mini deck. I can't remember the name off the top of my head (damn insomnia) and the deck is inaccessible at the moment, but I can tell you what it is in the morning...if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

    1. Found it. Tarot Nova.

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