Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quick of Wit

A good reading today, following an offering of incense and watered wine to Hermes. I've asked for some help with money, a windfall (which he is known to sometimes offer). The cards suggest he has something else in mind.

What do you need from me? The Magician. The Magician, in both of the decks I'm using right now, directly embodies Hermes. He needs from me to acknowledge him and to recognize that I am already in possession of the skills I need to succeed.

What do you offer to me? The Knight of Cups. This can have a couple of different meanings, but in this case I take it as an offer from him of relationship.

What else do I need to know? Three of wands. This suggests that the groundwork has been laid for a project that will be important but also that a lot of hard work is still ahead. This related directly to a conversation I had this morning, which I can't say much about right now but that could lead to something big.

I think I have here had a direct offer of a patron relationship, and a gentle declining to hand me some money but an offer to provide help and inspiration as I pursue a creative endeavor that could eventually pay off.

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  1. That sounds very promising. May the relationship with Hermes bring you blessings!