Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grove Oath

Last night marked a milestone for me. At CedarLight Grove's Ostara ritual, I took the grove oath, sealing my membership and committing myself for one year.

I would have appreciated a rehearsal, I think. Even thought I've seen others take it, I was not fully prepared and stumbled over a couple of the cues to repeat. But all in all, it felt like an accomplishment, and a public acknowledgement of where my religious heart is.

On another note, I've recently started reading about the Greek hearth. Amazon brought the book "The Gods of Reason: Theology for Modern Hellenismos" to my attention and I ordered it. As I said earlier, good books on pagan theology are sparse and I am always interested in finding previously unknown ones.

While it's not as complete as I'd hoped -- the author assumes the reader already has working knowledge of Hellenismos, and I don't necessarily have it -- it's meaty enough that it intrigues me to go deeper and to retroactively brush up on the basics.

It's an aspect of ADF that I greatly appreciate, this ability to incorporate another hearth into one's personal practice; if my studies take me in the direction, I could adopt some Greek practice without having to displace Woden and Frige, and also without causing a tension between my interests and the organization to which I belong.


  1. I thought you did fine with the oath. :)

    (As I don't have an actual photo linked to this account, I was the short woman who kissed her husband as an offering to Angus. Did not get a chance to actually introduce myself last night...)

  2. I loved what you all did there, Karen! I wasn't connecting well to the deities of the occasion until you put Aengus straight into focus for me. :) Well met!