Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nearing Completion

I've gone through my Dedicant writings, revised them and assembled most of the final submission. I still need to redo the section on the Kindreds, I'm not yet ready to finalize the mental discipline section, and I need to write and take the Dedicant Oath, with appropriate documentation. Apart from those things, it's all ready to go.

This has been a very rewarding endeavor and I've learned a lot. But probably the most important product of it is I have developed a real religious identity out of what began as an area of inquiry, something to explore. I can't say it was unexpected -- it was the goal, after all -- but it's gratifying all the same.

How much of that is credit to the DP and how much just to my own interest and inquiry -- that is, would I have gotten here on my own without the DP requirements driving me forward -- I can't say. But it has been very helpful to have the requirements, the range of assignments and the mandatory documentation along the way.

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