Monday, October 31, 2011

A Load Off

Something's been bothering me for a while. I first joined ADF in early 2008. I started on the Dedicant Program and went to one high rite (Imbolc), but then I drifted out of it. I went to an Episcopal church for a few months, and then started at the UU congregation I'm still part of -- and I never really did anything about that first oath I'd sworn at the start. I just dropped out without any real acknowledgment or formal ceremony to be released from it.

So since I've started back, it's been nagging at me that the Kindred might have reason to be aggrived with me about that. Tonight, with the help of Lynda and the Druidcraft tarot, I sought an answer.

With her guidance, I asked, "Do I need to do anything to make amends for falling short on keeping that oath?" Then a I drew a three-card spread. If all three are upright, the answer is "yes." If all three are reversed, then it's "no." Two one way and one the other would be a "yes, but.. " or "no, but.." response. And then the specific cards offer some insight on the reasons for the answer.

The answer as three cards reversed, all major arcana... an emphatic NO, I don't owe any amends. As for why ... the Wheel reversed shows the time wasn't right when I took the first oath. The Fferylt (Temperance in most decks) reversed suggested that things were not coming together right for me at that time. And the World reversed showed I didn't have enough enlightenment at the time to fully know what I was doing.

It's really a relief, and the specific cards do speak well to the reality of the times.

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