Thursday, October 6, 2011

By The Light of the Moon

We conducted a solitary lunar rite on the night of the Druid Moon, which fell on Tuesday. According to the Crane Breviary by Michael Dangler, October is the month to honor Ogimos (or Ogma), the creator of the Ogham alphabet and the god known for eloquence. "Silver-tongued," he is called.

We created a makeshift altar in the back yard, next to cherry tree that I planted some years ago. We used the rite in Dangler's book largely unchanged, alternating reading the sections. Our offerings were grain (brown rice) for the Earth Mother, beer for Ogimos and milk mixed with honey for the other kindreds.

By and large the ritual went well. We were a little self-conscious, being in full view of several neighbors' houses, but it was relatively late and no one seemed to be out. Eventually we'd like to create a more permanent altar space out there, with rocks piled up to make a platform, and possibly a dug-out pond to serve as a well. For now, though, a card table serves the purpose adequately.

Overall, I believe we're making good progress considering we're still early into the study. I've begun reading one of the required books, and we have a few weeks to work on nature awareness and the beginning of mental traing before the next trip to CedarLight, for Samhain.

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