Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taking the Omens

As a part of my personal practice, I draw a weekly trio of Tarot cards during my daily devotions asking the Kindred (and specifically Frigge) for guidance.

I have been asking the same questions each week since I began this at Yule:

  • What is needed from me by the Kindred (and especially Frigge) this week?
  • What help can Frigge offer me to to help me accomplish this?
  • What else do I need to know about this?
This week's reading has been coming into focus for me over the past few days, and I'm trying to take it to heart as good advice after several weeks of slightly tense interactions both online and off, and a realization that I am procrastinating about things I value highly in favor of non-productive effort in  the service of things that are far less meaningful.

I used the Legacy of  the Divine Tarot for this reading.  These are the notes I took about this Omen Taking:

 What is needed from me by the Kindred (and especially Frigge) this week?
4 of Swords

You need to get more sleep - give your words a rest.  You don't need to explain everything.  Give yourself a rest also from the onslaught of words coming at you. You don't need to have everything explained.

Resist sharp-tongued answers - it is hurting you as much as any else and indicates that you need some downtime for healing and recuperation.

An overall lack of rest and chronic stress is leading to short temperedness.  Just take a break and let things die down.

There is a lot of this going around and spiritual recovery will happen through silence and pausing for peace, not by continuing to engage verbally.

What help can Frigge offer me to to help me accomplish this?
3 of Wands 

 Remember those  things you are truly passionate about?  Get ready, because they are about to manifest for you - if you're ready to receive them and plan to put your energy there.

Keep your eye on what you really desire because that is what will be blessed and brought to fruition.

Whatever effort you make will be magnified in its results - this is both a blessing and a warning.

Don't waste attention on conflict that doesn't matter - good things are on the horizon and worthwhile goals require your energy if they are to become more than passing whims.

What else do I need to know about this?
Ace of Wands
The things  that aren't happening aren't because of a lack of desire or energy - it is a lack of focus.  The energy is there! Just direct it appropriately.

You have more forceful power than you know - use it wisely.  But you do not have so much that you can afford to scatter it and waste it, so guard it jealously, and don't let it dissipate in pointless pursuits.

The question to ask is: Is this inspiring me?  Is this energizing me, or sapping my will to get things done?

The key to everything you want to happen is - get started. Seize the day!


In just two more days, Michael and I are going to our first Trillium Spring Gathering
We will be heading to a hotel nights to sleep (while my mobility has vastly improved from 3 months ago when I was in a wheelchair, I'm nowhere near ready for ground sleeping - nor do I think I ever will be), but otherwise, I am very excited to experience a Druid gathering larger than our Grove's - and it still makes me excited to go to the Grove regularly.  Much of what I am excited about is the forced opportunity to disconnect from the electronics for a few days - to have my conversations face to face, or to sit quietly and just listen.

To get away from the meme machine and the 24/7 news "we have no news but lets keep talking until we get some" news cycle.

To get away from daily responsibilities that are sometimes far too much about red-tape level responsibility and sometimes far too little about satisfaction of experience.

Since I drew this, I've been making a conscious effort (not always successful) to step back silently, to close a website rather than hit refresh, to turn off the news - or better, the TV - but Trillium this week will truly be my 4 of Swords recuperation, and a change to realign my sights to those things I want to bring into the world and hook into passion as a motivator.

I can't wait!

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