Friday, November 18, 2011

Falling behind

We had company for about 10 days into this week, and more coming for the holiday week. All of that is good, but I feel like I'm losing track of my efforts to learn new things as my routines get disrupted.

I want to finish the Dedicant program in the one-year minimum time, and that's going to require staying on top of the study and practice. And I seriously do want to learn some new skills related to homesteading -- home brewing and vegetable-growing to start.

My goal is that each day I will:

1. Do something related to Druidry -- meditation, a devotional ritual, writing an ADF assignment or reading something related, at a minimum.

2. Do something related to new skills -- if not actually doing something physical, then reading an article or part of a book.

I know myself well enough to know that if I don't make it part of the day's rhythm, it's all too possible that I'll wake up one day and realize it's been six months since I last did.

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  1. Meanwhile, I'm taking a slightly different path - the visitors stayed as long as they did because they got too sick to go home, and they left me with their illness. By the time I get through being ill, it'll be time for Thanksgiving, and then the madness of December... and I knew up front that this was going to be the most challenging time of all for me.

    Rather than fighting it, I'm taking a pause, and will pick up again once it's over - meaning I will NOT be finished in a one year minimum, and that's ok. I think I'll handle the holiday season within a Druid context much better when I'm a bit more deeply rooted (that is, toward the end of the first year rather than at the start).

    For me, just getting used to the holidays without children living with me is enough of a transition for this year.

    I'll also be attempting to stay attuned via small daily steps, but I'm not pushing to keep to a schedule until January.