Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Newbies in the Grove

This Saturday we plan to travel to Baltimore (about an hour's drive) to take part in the Autumn Equinox observance at CedarLight Grove. I attended one ritual there a few years ago, but then dropped off the ADF path. It'll be Lynda's first time.

The Autumn Equinox has marked the start of my favorite time of year for many years. I love the Autumn, when the heat of summer has broken and the deep cold of winter not yet come. The smells and colors of nature are especially intense, and the touches of chill in the air are reminders of the cycles of nature. Granted the start of every new season is marked by changes in temperature and colors, but there's something intangible that's different about Autumn.

We're looking forward to meeting the people at the grove. We had a rune reading this weekend at Sacred Circle, and one of the aspects the reader saw was the coming of a new social circle into our lives. We're guessing this is it.

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